Italian Day 2018 at St. Anne’s School

by Parish Web
on June 28, 2018.

On Wednesday 20th June St. Anne’s School celebrated our annual Italian Day. Signora Morina encouraged the students to dress up in all things Italian, share pizza and gelati, share in a humorous show on Italian culture and participate in a variety of activities as mixed…

Rotary Raffle Results

by Parish Web
on June 19, 2018.

ROTARY CLUB OF FRANKSTON NORTH INC ROTARY CLUB OF FRANKSTON NORTH INC Community Raffle Permit No. 10879/17 Drawn 13 June 2018 1st S. Matatoga Tkt. 10509 2nd J. Johnson Tkt. 15751 3rd P. Iulianetti Tkt. 55748 4rd M.Baird Tkt. 02440 Winners notified.

Grandparents’ Day at St Anne’s Primary School

by Parish Web
on May 25, 2018.

This week at St Anne’s Catholic Parish Primary School we celebrated our annual Grandparents’ Day to conclude Family Week. Our students, staff and visitors seemed to greatly enjoy a choir performance, a shared liturgy, time in the classroom and a morning tea. Thanks so much…

Archbishop Hart’s Pentecost Message to Youth 201…

by Parish Web
on May 18, 2018.

Take the risk, spread the joy Melbourne’s Archbishop, Denis Hart, has today released his 2018 Pentecost Letter to Youth, encouraging all people, but especially the young, to ‘take the risk of faith’. As the Archbishop points out, it is Jesus and the Spirit of Jesus…

Catholic Church falls victim to Melbourne’s …

by Parish Web
on April 27, 2018. Monday 23 April 2018 The Age The Catholic Church, one of Victoria’s wealthiest institutions, has found itself repeatedly targeted as part of a crime spree that some believe could be an ‘inside job’. The Sunday Age can reveal that 23 churches and religious buildings have been…

First Aid at St. Joachim’s School

by Parish Web
on March 16, 2018.

The St Joachim’s Junior School (Years Prep to Two) had a first aid lesson last week. The free program was delivered by a  St John’s Ambulance Professional Trainer and aims at teaching primary school students the importance of first aid and what to do in…

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