St. Anne’s Parish will not be running an RCIA program during 2019.

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults programme (RCIA) is run in the parish for those who are considering becoming Catholic.

When the program is run this usually begins in around March until after Easter through to Pentecost in the year following enrolment, and therefore is a full 12 month program.

You will be required to attend an enrolment and information evening, with a minimal cost for the program.   You will also need to have a bible for scriptural sessions. The bible you will need is the Jerusalem Bible or the Revised Standard Version Bible—Roman Catholic editions only as other versions of the bible are not adequate.

A number of parishioners have been asking for some form of ongoing Adult Education regarding their faith. This is an excellent group for such people as we will be exploring many aspects of our religion.  Our Bible Study group is providing this during 2019 and you will find more information on their page.

Other topics people are interested in will also be discussed in a safe environment. This is an adult group so respect for all opinions is required and we ask that people be open-minded. What is said in the group is confidential so people can be free to share their own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

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