We hope this information will be of use to you in planning your wedding. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Please be aware of the following:
Once your booking for the Church is completed you are required to contact the parish priest at least six months prior to your wedding date.

Marriage Preparation Program
Those intending to be married in St. Anne’s Parish are required to complete a pre-marriage course prior to the ceremony. It is advised that you complete this course as soon as possible.

Our parish welcomes your enquiry about marriage. You are invited to read our Wedding Brochure which provides information about procedures for weddings in our parish church.

Marriage Preparation

It is strongly recommended that you complete a pre-marriage education program as part of your preparation of marriage. A growing number of celebrants now require that you attend a pre-marriage preparation course.

Information can be obtained from:
Marriage & Relationship Education – Centacare Catholic Family Services
Ph: (03) 9287-5555

Relatewell Courses – Family Relationship Institute Inc.
Ph: (03) 9354-8854

Bookings for weddings are not taken more than twelve months in advance.

Any Catholic priest or deacon registered with the civil authorities as a Celebrant of Marriage may officiate, providing the parish priest is advised in advance and gives his approval.

Unfortunately, due to the commitments of our Parish Priest he may not be available to officiate at your wedding if you do not live in the parish. It is therefore important that you confirm the availability of your chosen celebrant before making a booking for the Church.

If your celebrant is not the parish priest of this parish then your chosen celebrant’s name, address, and telephone number should be given to the secretary at the time of booking.

Fees for the use of the Church
For a wedding couple living in the parish who support the Parish Thanksgiving Program and come to Mass regularly the fee for the use of the Church is $200.00.

For a couple living in the parish who attend mass regularly but do not support the Thanksgiving program the fee for the use of the Church is $300.00.

For a couple living in the parish who do not attend Mass the fee for the use of the Church is $400.00.

For a couple living outside the parish the cost for hiring the Church is $500.00.

The above fee is payable at the time of booking confirmation.

An extra fee of $100.00 (bond) is payable by all couples prior to confirmation of a booking. This bond will be returned, by post, as soon as possible after the wedding. The bond will be forfeited if confetti is used or sacred objects, statues etc. are moved without prior permission.

Please note: The fee for the use of the Church does not include the stole fee (payment) for the priest.

If for any reason you wish to cancel the booking, you should do so as soon as possible either personally or in writing. Cancellations are not taken by phone. In the event of a cancellation there is a fee of $50.00 to cover administrative costs. The balance of your booking fee will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Rehearsal for the wedding ceremony usually takes place in the week before the wedding. The time and date of the rehearsal should be arranged with your Celebrant and the Parish Secretary at least one month in advance of the ceremony.

Certificates Required
You will need the following certificates to
enable the celebrant to prepare your
marriage papers:

  1. Birth Certificate or Extract of Entry of Birth.
    In the case of persons born in Victoria Birth Certificates can be obtained from: Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria, 295 Queen Street Melbourne (ph: 9603-5800)
  2. Baptism certificate issued within 6 months of the date of marriage.
    In the case of a baptised person a Baptism Certificate can be obtained by writing to the church where the Baptism took place. When doing so please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and give your full name, date of birth, parents’ names and date of baptism if known.
  3. Letter of Freedom is required for all Catholics not residing in this Parish. This can be obtained from the bride’s or groom’s Parish Priest.

All documents remain in the parish archives.

Declaration of Freedom
Civil Law requires that both parties sign a declaration before marriage that they are free to marry. This declaration is normally made at the time of rehearsal and should be made before the marriage ceremony.

During the time of engagement it is important that you, as a couple attend weekend Mass as part of your spiritual preparation for marriage.

Planning your Ceremony
You may find publications such as the following helpful; ’When We Marry’ a publication of the Liturgical Commission, Brisbane; and ‘Your Wedding’ a Redemptorist publication.  These can be purchased at the Central Catholic Bookshop (ph: 9639-0844).

The Ceremony
Marriage ceremonies in the Church follow ‘The Rite of Marriage’ approved for use in Australia by the Sacred Congregation of Divine Worship and issued by authority of the Australian Episcopal Conference.

Marriage of Catholics
Marriages when both parties are Catholics may be celebrated with a Nuptial Mass.

This presupposes that the couple attend Sunday Mass regularly thus being prepared for the reception of the  Eucharist during their Nuptial Mass.

Mixed Marriages
In the case of Mixed Marriages (where one party to the marriage is not a Catholic), the Church requires that the Catholic party have its permission to contract such a marriage.

The Catholic party must also intend to continue living the catholic faith, and to pass on that faith to their children. The non-Catholic party is asked to recognise and appreciate the Church’s concerns. The ceremony in a mixed marriage usually follows the Rite of Marriage Outside Mass.

Time of Arrival
It is important that the ceremony commences at the time arranged so as not to effect other ceremonies, which may have been scheduled in the Church. Likewise Father may have a busy schedule and appointments to keep so please respect that his time is limited.

Time of Arrival
If the bride arrives late then the service may be shortened accordingly. The abridged version will lack aspects of the service as portrayed in the wedding booklet. This can be deeply upsetting for all concerned so please make punctuality a priority out of respect for the priest and your guests.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 years are required to sign the marriage register.

Wedding Booklet
Should you wish to prepare and print your own wedding booklet, the Celebrant should be consulted about the contents, and he must approve the copy before printing. The booklet must be in accordance with the Rite of marriage as approved for use in Australia.

You will be required to ensure that permission to use copyright material has been obtained for each item in the booklet. In the event of all necessary copyright permission not being obtained in writing and properly acknowledged in the booklet, it may not be used.

Payment of Clergy
Please be aware that the fee for the use of the Church does not cover the stole fee (payment) of the Celebrant.  It is best to speak to the celebrant himself in regards to this matter.  To avoid any confusion it is advisable that the celebrant be paid at your 2nd appointment.

No confetti, rice, rose petals etc. may be thrown within the Church environment. Guests should be advised accordingly as a fee of $50 will apply for cleaning of church and church grounds.

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