by Annette White on May 5, 2017.

The 1st world has replaced Spirituality with what we now called ‘Gospel Values’

Gospel Values’ what are gospel values?

Helping the poor, self-denial, hope, love, fasting, compassion, suffering, peace, mindfulness, joy, etc.  The concept of ‘Gospel Values’ is vague and somewhat subjective.  Spirituality is fundamentally about the sacred and transcendent ie, The God of Holiness

Spirituality is Fundamentally

A Personal Meaningful Relationship with God, based on prayer, the scriptures, personal reflection and the Sacraments.

This is then translated in acts of good work, care for the environment, the ecology and other concerns.  Hence these now have a spiritual dimension based on one’s relationship with God.  Without this Spiritual dimension, such concerns may be called ‘Gospel Values’ but have little or no spiritual context, but rather are based more on religious humanism.  Hence GOD is now translated into GOOD in accord with modernity.

Fr. John

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