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The following documents will continue to be reviewed and updated by our committee.

Child Safety Statement of Commitment-v8

Code of Conduct Declaration V2 (Updated 30/10/2020)

Children & Young Adults Code of Conduct (Added 14/12/2020)

St_Annes_Child_Safety_Policy_V1A_2017 (Reviewed 20/7/18)  Please note this document is currently under review in light of recent legislative amendments.

Reporting Obligations and Procedures Policy

Reporting-child-safety-related-misconduct [PDF COPY)

Reporting-historical-child-safety-related-misconduct (Added 14/12/2020)

Internal Reporting Processes – to be updated shortly.

CCYP Teach your child how to keep themselves safe

The Code does not apply to the Catholic Education Office (CEOM) and to Catholic systematic schools within the Archdiocese which are covered by CEOM policies. It also does not apply to activities where the child is under the direct care and supervision of a parent or guardian such as children assisting at Mass or attending a social event after Mass with a parent.

These documents demonstrate our commitment to the Child Safeguarding Standards and will be displayed here, on the noticeboard in the church foyer and the Parish Centre as they are finalised.

Further links:

Catholic Professional Standards

Commission for Children and Young People

Victorian Reportable Conduct Scheme

Latest updates:  30/10/2020

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