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by Web Admin on May 13, 2022.

Imelda Lambertini
Died12 May 1333, Bologna, Italy
FeastMay 13
AttributesWearing first communion dress, chapel veil with attached to a chaplet of flowers on her head and rosary

Do you know about Saint Imelda Lambertini, the patron saint of those who receive the First Communion? She was called to Jesus for eternity at the age of eleven during her first Communion.

Imelda Lambertini was born in 1322 in Bologna, Italy in a royal family. She was the only daughter and was raised in the perfect Catholic faith by her parents who were keenly devout in devotion and charity. Little Imelda, who heard and befriended the saints, learned to say prayers at a very young age. She made a small room in the house like a chapel decorated with flowers and pictures and liked to sit there alone and pray.

Her mother dedicated her daughter under the protection of the Holy Mother. Taught her to do random acts of kindness and to love Jesus and the poor. The extraordinary devotion and purity of little Imelda was noticed by all who knew her. She was not interested in wealth and luxury. She liked to give the best clothes, toys and food she found to poor children.

Her parents took her along for Holy Mass to a nearby Dominican Monastery. At a very young age, it was her dream to become one with Jesus. She spent a lot of time in her room talking to her dear friend Jesus alone.

Even though her asking for permission to live with nuns in a nearby Dominican monastery at the age of nine must have come as a shock to her parents who loved her so much, seeing her as the apple of their eyes. They couldn’t imagine being separated. However, they did not resist the daughter’s wish.

The nuns at the Dominican monastery loved her so much. Imelda wore her own Dominican attire. Participated in their prayers and holy mass. But the only thing she desired the most was not granted. It was the divine reception.

Imelda desperately begged several times for permission to receive Communion but Mother superior had to forbid her. At that time, it was not possible to receive Communion without being at least twelve years old. So they had to tell her to be content for now with blessing and prayers. It has always been Imelda’s dream to become one with the divine Jesus, receiving Him in body and heart. She couldn’t even imagine the joy of those moments.

“Tell me, can anyone who accepts Jesus into his heart not die? “She used to ask often.

She must have meant, “Didn’t your heart burst with the joy of receiving Jesus?” The Chaplain Father, who knew her wish, also told her to wait. And so little Imelda prayed and waited for the day Jesus would come into her heart.

On a May 12, when she was eleven years old in 1333, for the Holy Mass the evening before Jesus’ Ascension, Imelda was immersed in prayer where she used to stand while other nuns received Holy Mass. Imelda kept speaking to her Lord in spirit without knowing it even when others had left after mass. A sister who was preparing the altar heard some noise and looked at where Imelda was standing. It is said that the nuns who had been searching for Imelda were led there by an unusual heavenly aroma. The spectacle out there was stunning.

A divine light above Imelda who is unaware of what is happening around her, merging with the paradox. A Communion was roaming around it with extreme splendour. The stunned nuns quickly brought the chaplain priest. Everyone realized that Jesus was willing to give himself up for his little friend. Jesus couldn’t resist coming to her who loved him so much and wanted to be one with him.

I don’t know if they remembered Jesus’s words ‘let the children come to me don’t hinder them’, the Father brought a cup very soon. The body of Jesus  had come down to it. the priest quickly gave that Communion to Imelda. In devotion, Imelda, who knelt down and closed her eyes in great joy, merged in prayer. Everyone backed out of there to give her a chance at thanksgiving. The nuns did not know that Imelda, who became one after a long desire with her divine Lord, joined him eternally. That little heart didn’t have to bear that much love. Jesus took the little angel to his heavenly garden at the first communion ceremony. She thanked her Lord with the angels in heaven.

The nuns who came after a long time came to know that she, who was standing with a heavenly smile, was dead. “Tell me, can anyone who accepts Jesus into his heart not die? “Her words became literally true in her life.”

Leo XII declared Pope Imelda Blessed on December 21, 1826. Pope Pius the X raised her as an intercessor for those who receive the First Communion. Her intact body is kept in the chapel of the San Cigis Monte Church in Bologna.

Baby Saint Imelda Lambertini shows us the purity and joy that comes to those who love Jesus above all else. Let us pray to their intercession for the proper preparation and devotion of the children receiving their first communion. This is important because our children have started preparing for First communion and  for us as well.

Blessed Imelda, help us to love Jesus as you loved us.

Happy feast of the Blessed Imelda.

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