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Our parish welcomes your enquiry about marriage. You are invited to read our Wedding Brochure which provides more information about procedures for weddings in our parish church.  We hope this information will be of use to you in planning your wedding.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

If you are Catholic, and residing in the Seaford Parish but wish to be married in another Parish, there are two forms to be completed depending on your circumstances.  These must be completed only if one, or both of you, are Catholic.

An Application for Permission to Marry needs to be completed by the Bride and/or –

An Application for Freedom to Marry needs to be completed by the Groom.


During the time of engagement it is important that you, as a couple attend weekend Mass as part of your spiritual preparation for marriage.  

Those intending to be married in St. Anne’s Parish are required to complete a pre-marriage course prior to the ceremony. It is advised that you complete this course as soon as possible.

Bookings for weddings are not taken more than twelve months in advance.  Please be aware that once your booking for the Church is completed you are required to contact the parish priest at least six months prior to your wedding date.

Fees for the use of the Church
For a wedding couple living in the parish who support the Parish Thanksgiving Program and come to Mass regularly the fee for the use of the Church is $200.00.

For a couple living in the parish who attend mass regularly but do not support the Thanksgiving program the fee for the use of the Church is $300.00.

For a couple living in the parish who do not attend Mass the fee for the use of the Church is $400.00.

For a couple living outside the parish the cost for hiring the Church is $500.00.

The above fee is payable at the time of booking confirmation.

An extra fee of $100.00 (bond) is payable by all couples prior to confirmation of a booking. This bond will be returned, by post, as soon as possible after the wedding. The bond will be forfeited if confetti is used or sacred objects, statues etc. are moved without prior permission.

Please note: The fee for the use of the Church does not include the stole fee (payment) for the priest.

If for any reason you wish to cancel the booking, you should do so as soon as possible either personally or in writing. Cancellations are not taken by phone. In the event of a cancellation there is a fee of $50.00 to cover administrative costs. The balance of your booking fee will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Rehearsal for the wedding ceremony usually takes place in the week before the wedding. The time and date of the rehearsal should be arranged with your Celebrant and the Parish Secretary at least one month in advance of the ceremony.

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