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Parish Sacramental Policy 2020

Currently, we have not yet scheduled dates for any Sacraments during 2021 at St. Anne’s Parish.  Families will be advised as soon as we can regarding when we can recommence this program sometime in March.  

St. Anne’s Parish conducts a parish based sacramental program. The program applies to all eligible students from the two parish primary schools plus eligible students from the parish who attend other schools (government/private school students).

This parish based program also helps educate parents in their rights, duties, and responsibilities towards the faith of their children and of the Sacraments.

These Sacraments include: Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Confirmation and Baptism for Older School Age Children aged 7–12 years.

More information is outlined in the St. Anne’s Parish Sacramental Program 2020.

Baptism for Older Children


First Eucharist



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